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  • Introduction to Music in Turkey
                A good startup document takes the topic from the beginning

  • History of Turkish Music
                Written by Evin lyasolu, Boazii University

  • Istanbul: Center Of Middle-Eastern Classical Music
                By Blent Aksoy, Boazii University

  • The Contributions Of Multi-Nationality To Classical Ottoman Music
                By Blent Aksoy, Boazii University

  • A Short History Of Polyphonic Music In Turkey
                By Evin lyasolu

  • Processes In New Music In Turkey
                By Dr. Ahmet Yrr

  • The Violin In Traditional Turkish Music A General Outlook
                By Cihat Akn

  • Music Composition In Contemporary Turkey
                Prof. Ilhan Usmanbas, Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul

  • History of Oud Information
                By Bilge ncl and Kane Mathis, Kairarecords.

  • What is a maqam?
                By Bilge ncl and Kane Mathis, Kairarecords.

    Some of these documents are cached from other sites that are referenced and may be outdated. We do cache documents since some valuable documents get lost if we only use links. You may send documents to info(@)turkishmusic.org if you think we can place them here for international audience.

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